ANVIL at BLOODSTOCK 2012 review

“Anvil were one of the reasons I was tempted by Bloodstock this year. Back in the spotlight after the success of that film, I’m pretty sure this was actually Anvil’s first main stage appearance at a UK festival for 29 years, with that previous one being Reading Rock in 1983, my very first festival. And yes, I was down the front for that one as well. They don’t draw the biggest crowd of the day, and consensus amongst Anvil fans was that they picked a bit of an odd set, but there were plenty of highlights to prove that Anvil should be regarded as a great metal band. ‘Mothra’, complete with the trademark Lips vibrator guitar solo, is an absolute delight and you can’t go wrong with the likes of ’666′ and ‘Winged Assassins’. Robb Reiner has a new vehicle for his stunning drum solo in the shape of the jazz metal ‘Swing Thing’ and ‘Juggernaut Of Justice’ is the pick of the newer material. ‘Metal On Metal’ is, as Lips declares, a metal national anthem. Quite why they decided to close the set with the pretty average new album track ‘Running’ I’m not sure, but Anvil did enough today to warrant a quick return to the main stage of future festivals. This was also UK fans first chance to see the band with new bassist Sal Italiano, who fits the band perfectly.” Written by Jim Rowland

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